Tohuwabohu-9: online edition

Saturday, October 24, 2020
YouTube (Live)

TOHUWABOHU: online edition

The returning concert series from the Multimedia Composition Department at HfMT is also now in online format.


Víctor Ernesto Gutiérrez Cuiza
| REquiem: For all those who cannot speak
REquiem is a Multimedia piece for one midi keyboard instrument, animation and electronics. The piece is based on a meme / short comic strip by “noitego” and abords topics like depression, loneliness and the frustration of the individual confronted with a reality where everything seems to be created to stop seeing and valuing the work of the person and only focus on concepts like massive results/massive production.

Irini Aravidou
| CUBICLE (video version)
Irini Aravidou, Orestis Papaioannou (performers)
CUBICLE is an interdisciplinary and evolving project by Irini Aravidou and Orestis Papaioannou. From September 2020 the two have been anonymously receiving photos of objects and songs connected to memories set in a private space, which were processed and integrated into the CUBICLE. CUBICLE creates an abstract outline of a personal space, where one could experience a world of distorted memories.

| Permit (Permanent) Access
‘Permit (Permanent) Access’ is an offcut of music made recently for dance. An algorithmic deployment of kick drums and other percussion creates an unstable battleground for feelings of anxiety to be worked through.

Juan Manuel Jaramillo
| These stilled moments (that nevertheless leave the impression
that they are welded together)
Camilo Ángeles, Violeta García, Juan Manuel Jaramillo, Chris Pitsiokos, Carlos Quebrada (performers)
Original footage recorded in Bogotá, Colombia between March 10th and 13th at *matik-matik* and Antípoda. All texts taken from ‘The Film Stilled’ by Raymond Bellour.

Tam Thi Pham / Minori Sumiyoshiyama
| Far away, Far away, the heaving bellows
Tam Thi Pham, Minori Sumiyoshiyama (performers)
This is a piece of 2×2 WindowS project, which is a collaboration between Vietnamese multimedia composer Tam Pham and Japanese dancer Minori Sumiyoshiyama. It is an improvised networked music and dance performance, using four cameras as points of view to look at the movement and dance, and also to see these interactions taking place in different spaces. This piece was inspired by a book of Hans Christian Andersen titled “What the moon saw”. One of the stories in that book tells about the people who had the big hope to find the new land. They seek a new life, which makes their lives better. Andersen’s is a said story. There are many stories like this that have happened in the past and are happening nowadays. Through all the difficulties in our lives, we all try to find the way to make our lives better. One similarity with this story that we see in our lives is our struggle to find a new way, a sort of new land to practice our art in these new, restrictive times.

Dong Zhou
| Elysion
Elysion’ is a fixed media work about bubble economy, migrant workers and “the interest of the majority”. It is a comment the the news on 02.12.2019: “Three migrant workers were buried in Guangzhou (China) ground collapse. The authorities did not rescue them, but instead filled the pit directly with cement. The excuse was the avoid further collapse of the area”.

Yuri Akbalkan
| ricercar (short film)
Yuri Akbalkan (narrator), Tumen Dondukov + Pushistik the rabbit (cast)
Storytelling Supervisor: Christian Striboll
Steadicam Operator: Yuri Akbalkan, Christian Striboll
Camera Operator: Alexandra Korableva
Assistant Operator: Eva Akbalkan
Text: Ash Wednesday (IV) by T. S. Eliot
This short film is a part of the ricercar — a composition for performers, video, sensor and interactive electronics. The idea behind the title related not actually to the ricercar as a genre or a type of instrumental composition, but more to the initial etymology meaning came from Italian ricercare — to seek again, seek out. It consists of the different parts within the tags: pulse (as the initial, primal sound impulse), vision in toad (as a metaphor of live organisms’ perception), barking (as a mode of the deep fear), rectangle (binary code system), zeroing (related to the actual for myself and my identity political topic performed as a ritual, and the rabbit hole as a metaphor of endless way out), and short film — built in the composition and connected with the synesthesia topic.

Jan Wegmann
| face filtered
Jan Wegmann (performer)
hey, why don’t you smile?
do you use face filters on social media?
do you suffer from snapchat dysmorphia?
would you go on a date with someone who uses filters?
are you in love with a filter?
how do you feel?
do you like cute animals?
do you like to observe yourself in the mirror?
are you an emphatic person?
what kind of mund nasen bedeckung do you wear?
how does it make you feel?
what was your first carnival costume?
would you like to be someone else?
how many selfies do you have on your phone?
you can be honest with me 🙂