Euler’s Book

Realization 1: Orchestra and Euler’s Tables

for orchestra and piano

Part 1: Orchestra
Orpheus Radio Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Andrey Jakovlev

Part 2: Table No. 1
Piano: Miroslav Drobot

Realization 1: orchestra and Euler’s tables is a part of a great planned cycle under the general title Euler’s Book. As a starting point for this project served a treatise An attempt at a new theory of music, exposed in all clearness according to the most well-founded principles of harmony (lat. – Tentamen novae theoriae musicae ex certissismis harmoniae principiis dilucide expositae) created in 1739 by famous mathematician Leonhard Euler. In this treatise Euler operates with such aesthetic categories as pleasant/unpleasant, perfect/imperfect and connects with them a number of propositions of consonance and dissonance.

In the Chapter XI “About harmonies of diatonic-chromatic genus” he demonstrates a table with chain of harmonies divided into species and arranged according to their acceptability for hearing. (The fragment of Euler’s table is reproduced as an addendum at the end of score).

Piece for orchestra should to be performed simultaneously with the chains of harmonic sets from the Euler’s table in two acoustically separated spaces — for example, hall / lobby or hall / another hall; or two different stations (in case of radio broadcasting).

Date of premiere: 14.04.2014
Location: The 5th Hall of State Recordings Studio
City, Country: Moscow, Russia
Performers: Orpheus Radio Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Andrey Jakovlev
Piano: Miroslav Drobot
Audio engineers: Tatyana Ragulskaya, Sergei Kruglov