ricercar | ne(x)t_generation 8.5

June 25-27, 2021
ZKM | Hertz-Labor
ne(x)t_generation 8.5
Online Edition

From June 25–27, 2021, a special edition of the festival »next_generation« will take place daily from 6–9 pm CEST. Special edition in the sense that ZKM | Hertz-Labor does justice to the current situation, but also to the digital transformation and conducts the festival online for the first time. The »next_generation« has long been a »net_generation«, which is not least noticeable in the current dynamics in electronic music and teaching.

Together with the participating 24 university studios, we will present a diverse program over the course of three days. Because of the pandemic, conventions and routines are being called into question and dissolved to a great extent. What was familiar is disappearing and becoming a rarity. As a result, music production and education also sees itself confronted with new challenges. That is why the presentations of experimental concert contributions and performances and the audiovisual works of the university studios will represent a reflection of this transformation.

The range of topics presented and the questions being asked during the podium discussions by the students, lecturers, and university studio directors, as well as by the experts from the ZKM | Hertz-Lab, will provide an insight into the interplay of technology and art, which is a part of the current creative work of these composers.

These discussions will cover observations about the influence of artificial intelligence on the creative process, uncertainties regarding the handling of aesthetic diversity, and strategies for maintaining aesthetic continuity amid technological upheavals.

With this program, »ne(x)t_generation 8.5« offers a representative overview of the current creative work of the upcoming generation of composers in the context of technology and art and against the background of current challenges and framework conditions.

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